location Flat 310, 27 – 37 Perth Road, Gants Hill, Ilford, IG2 6BX

location Flat 310, 27 – 37 Perth Road, Gants Hill, Ilford, IG2 6BX

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Your Vehicle's Locks Will Be in Perfect Condition With Us

At Fonicy Locksmith, your vehicle’s locks will be in perfect condition with us. From car doors to door locks to helping prevent keyless car theft, Fonicy Locksmith of Ilford, UK, is the obvious choice for all of your car key and lock emergency services.

Car owners can rely on Fonicy Locksmith to help when there is a problem with your car’s keys, locks, and doors. For example, if you cannot open your locked car door or your remote key fob won’t work, we know how to unlock your car quickly, and help you gain entry back into your car.

You won’t have to wait to gain access to your locked car. Our locksmiths provide fast and efficient emergency services for your car. Regardless of the car manufacturers, or if you own older or more modern vehicles, our trained and skilled locksmiths can help you today. Even if you have keyless entry systems installed on your cars, we will be able to unlock them.

Cold weather? Keys locked inside? Is the lock button not working? Not to worry, we understand all types of locking mechanisms, and in almost all cases, we’ll get you back into your car without breaking a window.

Repair Car Key

When you use a physical key to open your car door manually, you could get an extra key made and keep a spare. However, using a remote key to open your car door is becoming increasingly popular.

Many new car models have this feature for the doors and the boot and even to start the engine. It is a convenient way to open your door and can help prevent theft.

A possible challenge with keyless cars is when the remote key fob stops working. We can repair your keyfobs and get them working again. Call the experts at Fonicy Locksmith.

Change Door Handle

When the locking mechanism of your vehicle doesn’t open with both your regular and spare key fobs, it may require a door handle change or a mechanical problem inside the door frame.

Perhaps the key fob is no longer connected to the lock. Mostly, it’s an easy fix that can save you the cost of a new locking system.

However, it might be the door handle that needs changing in some vehicles. Whether you own a station wagon, SUV, or sports car, our trained locksmiths can service all vehicles.

If you have trouble opening from the exterior or interior of your vehicle, it could be a central locking system problem. A central locking system automatically locks above a set speed.

In most vehicles, it is five mph. If this system doesn’t work, it could be dangerous for the driver. Let Fonicy Locksmith fix or replace your faulty door handle today!

Install Steering Wheel Lock

Drivers every day face the possibility of having their car stolen. From filing police reports to making new arrangements for a ride, the cost of having a vehicle stolen is an absolute nightmare for any driver!

Typically, a break-in involves the same process. The person will smash or pry the windows and hotwire the car. Stealing cars that use a keyless entry might involve capturing the signal and relaying that signal to the targeted vehicle to turn on the engine motor or open a door.

An added deterrent is to install a steering wheel lock. This lock is placed on the steering wheel, preventing the thief from being able to steer and drive your car away.

Even if your parking location is a secure car park, car theft can still happen. Fonicy Locksmith carries all of the latest brands and styles of steering wheel locks that will fit most vehicles.

Remove Key Stuck in Ignition

Drivers face another major problem if their key becomes stuck in the ignition. Remote fob keys on modern cars don’t have this problem, but if you use manual car keys, especially in other cars that are older, you may face this dilemma at times.

Fonicy Locksmith emergency car lock service has the skill and technology to remove the key from the ignition and, in most cases, save your ignition’s life. If your key gets jammed, don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself; call the professionals at Fonicy Locksmith. We’ll get you back on the road and driving in no time!

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address Flat 310, 27 – 37 Perth Road, Gants Hill, Ilford, IG2 6BX
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